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1. What lenses are available with Ray-Ban sunglasses? 

Standard: Genuine since 1937 – Originally developed for military use, the iconic G-15 and B-15 offer optimal levels of clarity, comfort and protection.

Legends Collection: Inspired by the individuality and self-expression of the 60's, the Legends Collection combines retro chic with modern innovation to offer three original vintage colors.

Gradient: In line with the latest trends, these lenses come in a wide range of exciting colors for a unique look. •  Ray-Ban ® Simple gradient lenses are characterized by a smooth transition from a solid color to a transparent shade of the same tone;
•  Ray-Ban ® Bi-gradient lenses are produced using patented technology to create a bi-color combination for a two-toned fade-in effect;
•  Ray-Ban ® also offers a selection of Mirrored gradient lenses that combine the reflective cool of mirror coating and the sophisticated fade-in effect of gradient lenses.

Mirror: The advanced technological process behind mirror coating further reduces light transmission and glare for even greater visual comfort. Reflect your unique take on style!

Polarized: Ray-Ban® Polarized lenses not only reduce reflections, but also enhance contrast, improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain. All Ray-Ban® polarized lenses bear a distinctive “P” next to the Ray-Ban® logo on the right lens and are treated with Anti-Reflective coating.

2. Is it possible to buy corrective lenses with the Ray-Ban logo on them?  

It is currently not possible to customise your Ray-Ban sunglasses with corrective lenses printed with our logo. Innovating new products & designs is a priority for Ray-Ban, therefore this may be possible in the future.


3. How much does shipping and returns cost? 

Shipping is completely free, while returns has a cost of 10.00 EUR.

4. Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with my purchase? 

Yes, you will have 100 days after receipt of your glasses to return them and obtain a full refund or decide to replace them with an identical pair if you encounter problems. See the Return policy for more details.

This doesn’t apply to customised products (glasses and accessories), so called REMIX, because they are personalised and have been custom made for you.

Anyway please be aware that you can always return customised items, in case you will receive faulty products (See the Return policy for more details.).


5. How do I know the right size for my sunglasses? 

For the great majority of people – more than 90% of our customers – Standard Size offers the correct fit. It is very likely the correct size for you too.
Learn more about Ray-Ban®sizes and how to find the frame size of your sunglasses and eyeglasses with our Official Size Guide.

6. There is a mistake with my order, am I able to cancel it? 

Mistakes happen and we want you to be happy with your order, so we have allowed an hour grace from your purchase to cancel your order, contacting our customer service.

7. How do I contact Ray-Ban Customer Services? 

Contacting Ray-Ban Customer Services is very simple:
You can use the form in the Contact Us section on the website (you can find it in the footer).
You can phone us on 080015664, Monday to Friday 10.00 - 19.00, for Order & Return related inquiries.

8. Where are the remix sunglasses made in? 

All the components are made in Italy and assembled in Italy according to each order.


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