Gift Cards Terms of Use

This gift card is issued by Luxottica Group S.p.A located in Piazzale Cadorna 3, 20123 Milano Italy and may only be redeemed on the same channel of purchase (Ray-Ban branded stores within the UK or

The Gift Card entitles the bearer to pay for orders up to the value of its balance until exhaustion. It can be used for multiple purchases, up to the complete exhaustion of the contained value.

The gift card’s amount cannot be rationed at one’s discretion: the balance of the card will be automatically deducted to cover the amount of the order (e.g. gift card value= £100 and product price=£80: the card will cover the value of the product and £20 will remain in your gift card balance).

Gift cards may also be used for online purchases that exceed the total value of the gift card. The amount available on the gift card will be deducted upon dispatch. For example, if the gift card has a value of £150 and the total order amount is £200, the full payment will be pre-authorized on a secondary payment method.

Once the parcel is dispatched £150 will be deducted from the gift card and released from the pre-authorization, while the remaining £50 will be charged to the chosen payment method.

Refunds for items purchased with a Gift Card and subsequently returned will be processed by reimbursing the value of the returned items onto the remaining balance of the Card. Please, note that gift cards are not redeemable for cash.

This card is not a credit, debit or charge card. No change will be given but the balance can be used for future purchases, provided that the card has not expired.

Once the amount is spent or the card expires, it cannot be credited again. Any lost, defaced, or stolen cards will not be replaced or refunded.

Virtual gift cards can only be purchased on and redeemed online.

Physical gift cards purchased on can be delivered to a selected address, and only be redeemed online/ and be redeemed exclusively online.

The gift card will expire 60 months from purchase.

To check the balance of your gift card bought within UK stores please visit

To check the balance of your gift card bought on UK website please visit