The History of Ray-Ban Glasses | Ray-Ban®

Endlessly shifting horizons. The rock revolution of the ‘60s, the art scene of the ‘80s, the forefront of hip-hop culture... wherever there’s style, there’s the Wayfarer.


Curious, creative and courageous since 1989, the Round breaks the mold and leaves convention behind. Unaltered since its creation, today the timeless model holds the same nonconformist spirit for those who redefine the impossible.

you know the name but do you know the story?

Years pass, trends change, but Ray-Ban remains. The brand’s undeniable presence, from stage to street, was forged by the greatest cultural icons of our time—visionaries who chose original Ray-Ban design and made it their own.
For every revolutionary decade in our history, a Ray-Ban icon marks the moment and their story evolves with each new generation of style.

take off time
The decade that started it all. Ray-Ban develops the first ever crystal lenses that cut out glare for US pilots.
innovation hera
Pilot technology came back down to earth, expanding the range for police officers and all champions of outdoors
golden age
With an influx of new background materials, Ray-Ban shifted from military function to everyday fashion.
free love revolution
Enter the age of individual expression. Ray-Ban became the see and be seen sunglasses, launching all kinds of different shapes and styles.
sports scene
With new mirrored, tinted and light responsive lenses, Ray-Ban became a frontrunner in the sport’s world with flamboyant ‘70s style.
hollywood forever
Ray-Ban took to the big screen in show-stopping style. Anyone who was anyone could be seen in their iconic pair.
pop culture
Style, music, technology - all was booming, as was Ray-Ban. With another surge in popularity, Ray-Ban became the fashion statement of choice.
new millennium
Bringing in the 2000s with a bang, Ray-Ban launched their very first Optical and Junior models in true trailblazing spirit.
viral decade
Adding an individual twist to the age of the selfie, Remix became the first ever customizable Ray-Ban. Also launching their creative hub Studios, Ray-Ban mixed with the most stylish musicians around.
yours for the taking
Here and now – these years belong to you. Ray-Ban carries the legacy of those who pushed boundaries to shape the world we see today. You’re up next and we’re standing right with you.


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