Standard: Genuine since 1937 – Originally developed for military use, the iconic G-15 and B-15 offer optimal levels of clarity, comfort and protection.

Legends Collection: Inspired by the individuality and self-expression of the 60's, the Legends Collection combines retro chic with modern innovation to offer three original vintage colors

Gradient: In line with the latest trends, these lenses come in a wide range of exciting colors for a unique look.
•  Ray-Ban ® Simple gradient lenses are characterized by a smooth transition from a solid color to a transparent shade of the same tone;
•  Ray-Ban ® Bi-gradient lenses are produced using patented technology to create a bi-color combination for a two-toned fade-in effect;
•  Ray-Ban ® also offers a selection of Mirrored gradient lenses that combine the reflective cool of mirror coating and the sophisticated fade-in effect of gradient lenses.

Mirror: The advanced technological process behind mirror coating further reduces light transmission and glare for even greater visual comfort. Reflect your unique take on style!

Polarized: Ray-Ban® Polarized lenses not only reduce reflections, but also enhance contrast, improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain. All Ray-Ban® polarized lenses bear a distinctive “P” next to the Ray-Ban® logo on the right lens and are treated with Anti-Reflective coating.

It is currently not possible to customise your Ray-Ban sunglasses with corrective lenses printed with our logo. Innovating new products & designs is a priority for Ray-Ban, therefore this may be possible in the future.

When designing your Remix sunglasses, you can use a combination of letters, spaces and numbers to make the glasses your own. Unfortunately, Ray-Ban.com will block certain custom phrases. If the text you enter if refected, your Remix glasses will be updated immediately on site with an asterisk in order to show you how your glasses will be censored. The glasses will be printed exactly as they appear on site with the * symbol in order to censor the phrase should you decide to complete your order.

Examples of what will cause Remix to change your phrase are: profanity, inapproriate slang, phrases used in order to encourage violence, content that voilates another party's trademark or intellectual property rights, and more.

Standard shipping for frames, sunglasses, prescription glasses, custom items and accessories is free of charge. Express shipping is available for select frames and sunglasses for $11.95.

We offer a wide range of sun, clear and custom sunglasses with prescription lenses. However, prescription is not available on all items we sell online.

If the item is available in prescription you will see a button on the product page which says ADD PRESCRIPTION LENSES or SEE PRESCRIPTION VERSION. To shop all of our prescription sunglasses you can also navigate to this page which includes our widest range of sun prescription.

For prescription custom items you can select prescription at the lenses stage of the configuration.

We offer single vision and progressive in our sun, custom and clear glasses.

To be able to process your prescription order we require an up-to-date prescription and pupillary distance measurement (often referred to as PD). We will ask for your prescription after checkout. You have 3 options for sending your prescription: 
Manually insert or upload an image of your prescription before checkout
After purchase, upload your prescription in “My order details” 
After purchase, send it by email to RXserviceAU@ray-ban.com

Please remember to include your order number in your email. If you can’t send us the prescription directly after the purchase, you can click on ‘PROVIDE YOUR PRESCRIPTION’ in your order confirmation email and in your personal account.

We are unable to accept out of date prescriptions and will cancel orders which are sent in with an out of date prescription. The Ray-Ban logo is included on all prescription eyewear.

If you uploaded or manually inserted the wrong prescription, you have one hour after your purchase to cancel the order and submit a new one. If you have an issue with your prescription more than one hour after purchase, please contact our prescription team as soon as possible: RXserviceAU@ray-ban.com

Eligible health fund members may be able to purchase prescription sunglasses online with health insurance. Contact your health fund provider to determine whether you may be eligible.

To claim your health insurance optical extras benefits on your prescription eyewear* purchase from ray-ban.com/australia, submit your Ray-Ban Tax Invoice to your health fund provider.

*Prescription custom (Remix) products are not eligible for health fund rebates.

For the great majority of people – more than 90% of our customers – Standard Size offers the correct fit. It is very likely the correct size for you too.
Learn more about Ray-Ban®sizes and how to find the frame size of your sunglasses and eyeglasses with our Official Size Guide

Mistakes happen and we want you to be happy with your order, so we have allowed an hours grace from your purchase to cancel your order and create a new one

Simply go to the Orders section under the My Account label. There you will find your existing order with the option to cancel. For your ease of use we will keep the existing details about the cancelled order incase you wish to re-order or alter it. Please note, your security is important to us and so the details stored will never include your payment information

Ray-Ban is currently unable to provide an itemized receipt to support health fund claims. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Contacting Ray-Ban Customer Services is very simple:
You can use the form in the Contact Us section on the website (you can find it in the footer).
You can phone us on 1 800 830547, Monday-Friday|Saturday-Sunday 10:00AM-07:00PM-AEST|Closed, for Order & Return related inquiries.

All the components are made in Italy and assembled in Italy according to each order. 

Counterfeiting is an illegal activity that not only affects companies and brands but can also cause serious damage to the health of consumers who buy products that do not comply with quality standards.

Luxottica has been working aggressively in its global fight against counterfeiting with dedicated teams worldwide.

With the growth of the Internet, we have seen a sharp increase in new counterfeiters exploiting websites, marketplaces and social media.

As the landscape changes, Luxottica is constantly improving and expanding its brand protection activities. In addition to constant online monitoring, we partner with local specialized institutions, including Customs and Law Enforcement Agencies, to intercept fake products at customs and tackle the entire illegal production chain.

In 2020 Luxottica has requested and obtained the takedown of over 297.000 listings offering counterfeit products on marketplaces, 72.210 profiles and post promoting counterfeits products or scam advertising on social media and closed over 2.600 website all over the word.

The growing popularity of social media has brought with it a new crop of counterfeiters and more evolved scam techniques. Counterfeiters are becoming more and more sophisticated and dangerous.

During our investigation we discovered that thousands of users on social media such Instagram and Facebook have been victim of an advanced scam that uses Ray-Ban to attract consumers and compromise their personal data.

Luxottica has no connection at all to these websites or activities and we strongly encourage users to be extra vigilant when sharing their personal information online.

Scammers can compromise users accounts, stealing their personal information and passwords. Very often, users are not aware that their accounts have been compromised and as a result, any website or platform where they use the same credentials are consequently at high risk.

Some websites such as haveibeenpwned.com allow users to check if their credentials might be part of a data breach. If your account has been hacked or if you suspect that your credentials have been stolen in the past, we strongly suggest that you change all your accounts and activate the two- factor authentication where available.

When it comes to social media, we highly recommend the following tips and advice below:

If you want to report any suspicious listing, website or social media profile and posts please use our form:

Afterpay offers an instalment payment plan where you can pay for your purchase in 4 equal instalments due every fortnight. Simply select Afterpay as your payment method at checkout!

Please see Afterpay’s terms and conditions

Afterpay is currently only available to our Australian customers.

Yes you can use Afterpay both in-store and online

Yes. You can pop into any Ray-Ban store to exchange your item/s. Please note that in-store purchases cannot be refunded/exchanged online.

Unfortunately, we are not able to exchange something you purchased online. We recommend that you return your product/s to our distribution centre for a full refund and place a new order on the website. Please refer to our Return Process here:https://www.ray-ban.com/australia/return-policy

There is a $100 minimum order value for in-store Afterpay purchases. For online purchases, Afterpay can be used for orders up to $1,200 – with no minimum order value.

Please see Afterpay’s terms and conditions

Afterpay Customer Care can be reached on 1300 100 729, Monday to Friday 10.00 - 19.00, or at info@afterpay.com.au

Gift Cards are currently only available for purchase in store. Find your nearest store with our Store Locator.

Not yet, but you will be able to in the near future! To redeem your gift card, visit one of our stores. You can locate your nearest store with our Store Locator.

1. This gift card is issued by Luxottica Retail Australia Pty Ltd in Australia. It may be redeemed in local currency at any participating Ray-Ban branded stores within Australia.

2. It entitles the bearer to pay towards goods and services up to the value of the gift card balance loaded in Australian dollars or New Zealand dollars, as applicable. Gift cards can be used all in one transaction, or across multiple transactions. No change in the form of cash or card equivalents will be given on remaining balances. Products redeemed with this gift card must be paid in full. Where the transaction value exceeds the balance on the gift card, another form of payment must be tendered to the cover the difference. A gift card cannot be used to buy additional gift cards.

3. The gift card will expire 3 years from the date of issue, and any balance that remains on the card after expiry will not be available for use.

4. Subject to the Returns Policy, a refund for the return of product/s originally purchased in store via a gift card type will be credited to a new physical gift card with a new expiry.

5.This gift card value may not be exchanged for cash or card equivalent. A gift card cannot be on-sold or refunded. This gift card is not a credit, debit or charge card. Gift card balance can be used for future purchases up until the gift card expiry date. Once the gift card has expired, any remaining balance cannot be credited to the same gift card again nor to a new gift card.

6. We will not be held liable for lost or stolen cards. In case of lost or stolen cards, the gift card cannot be blocked. We will not be responsible for any lost or misdirected gift cards, including where an incorrect address or email address has been provided to us. Anyone with access will be presumed to be authorised to use the gift card. We do not accept liability for any unauthorised acceptance and any consequential unauthorised redemption of a gift card.

7. To check the balance of your gift card please contact Customer Care on: 
 Australian enquiries - Call us at 1 800 830 547 Monday-Friday 9AM-5pm AEST

8. We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions. View a current copy by following the QR code on back of your physical gift card.   Potential amendments cannot affect the expiry date of the gift cards already issued. Some discrepancies may occur from time to time between terms and conditions for physical Gift Cards issued.

9. Any information supplied in relation to purchase or redemption of this Gift Card is subject to our Privacy Policy

10. By purchasing this gift card, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions and warrant that your use of the gift card will comply with all applicable laws in the country of issue. The Gift Card must not be used in any manner that is unlawful, misleading, deceptive, unfair or otherwise harmful to consumers. 

To check the Gift Card balance please visit any of our Ray-Ban Stores or contact our Customer Care Team on  1 800 830 547.

For details on our Mother’s Day deliveries, please visit our shipping page here

When you preorder an item on Ray-Ban.com you’re buying it before it has been officially released. This means you’ll be first line for delivery when the product becomes available in our warehouse and receive your shipment before anyone else.

Highly-anticipated styles and accessories may be made available for preorder. If a product is available for preorder you'll see it labelled as “Preorder” on the product page.

To complete a preorder, add the product to cart and follow the steps to checkout as usual*. At checkout, you’ll see the estimated delivery date. Account login may be required to access preorder.

Once you’ve completed your preorder, you’ll receive a confirmation email at the time of purchase and then we'll let you know as soon as it's ready to ship.

*Some cart restrictions apply:

1. It’s not possible to mix standard and preorder products in the same cart.

2. You can order more than one preorder style in the same transaction, but only if they’re the same model, size, and colour.

You can pay with credit or debit card, ApplePay or PayPal.

  • Credit card process:
    When the preorder is complete, the credit card authorizes a transaction (from 1 cent to 1 dollar) to verify the card’s validity. The full price of the product will only be charged once the product is ready for shipping. If there’s an issue with the payment, you’ll receive an email asking you to contact Customer Service within 3 days. If unresolved within 3 days, the order will be cancelled.

  • ApplePay/PayPal process:
    When the preorder is complete, ApplePay or the PayPal credit card authorizes a transaction (from 1 cent to 1 dollar) to verify the card’s validity. The full price of the product will only be charged once the product is ready for shipping. If there’s an issue with the payment, you’ll receive an email asking you to contact Customer Service within 3 days. If unresolved within 3 days, the order will be cancelled.

Following a payment issue, your estimated delivery date will change.

Availability of prescription lenses depends on the preorder style. Prescription lenses can’t be added to a preorder of Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

On the product page you’ll see the estimated delivery date, which includes the total amount of days until the product launches, plus estimated shipping time based on the default delivery. At cart you can choose to change the delivery method and the estimated delivery date will adjust accordingly.

At checkout, you’ll see all the available shipping methods for your address.

If you’re returning a standard preorder product, please follow the steps outlined in our Returns Policy. If you’re returning a Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses preorder, please follow the steps outlined in our dedicated smart glasses FAQ

Customer Service may be able to cancel or change your preorder if you contact them within one hour of placing it. But we can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to accommodate your request.

Contacting Ray-Ban Customer Services is simple:
Click on Contact Us in the footer of our website and select the topic you need help with. You’ll be provided with the best way to contact us for that topic.

During the holiday period, we offer extended 60-day returns for any orders placed between the 2nd Nov and Dec 26th. Learn more about our return policy here

Give your employees or clients a gift to remember with a bulk order for corporate gifting and event purchases. See more details

Our official side guide tells you everything you need to know about Ray-Ban® sizes and how to select the right fit. Size guide