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(VALID FROM 27.09.2021) 

The associated website, which can be accessed via the following link (hereinafter the "website"), is administered by Luxottica Group S.p.A., who acts as the data controller (hereinafter "Luxottica") in connection with the processing of your personal data in accordance with this data protection policy (hereinafter the "data protection policy").

Read the content of the data protection policy below to find out more about how Luxottica processes your personal data.

This data protection policy describes how Luxottica collects and processes your personal data as users of the website (hereinafter, "user", "users", "the registered person" or "you") in accordance with the EU's general data protection regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter "GDPR") and the Italian legislative decree no. 196/2003, as most recently amended and integrated (hereinafter the "legislative decree").

As described in more detail below, Luxottica processes your personal data with a view to supplying products and services to you and to give you the opportunity to take part in initiatives, competitions and events that Luxottica organizes for its customers. If you would like to receive news, offers and campaign e-mails from Luxottica, Luxottica will – with your prior consent – process your personal data with a view to sending you marketing communications that match your preferences and interests. Luxottica will, in all cases, process your personal data securely, including taking all appropriate security precautions, and will only allow authorized persons and third parties in the EU and USA to have access to your personal data using methods that comply with applicable data protection legislation.

All personal data that you have provided via this website shall only be used for the purposes and using the methods described below.

Luxottica processes your personal data which we obtain directly from you and from other sources according to the descriptions under the categories of personal data listed below (hereinafter collectively "personal data"):

a) Personal data received directly from you
Luxottica processes the following categories of personal data received directly from you:

  • Identifying information provided during registration, creation of an account on the website, placing of an order or participation in initiatives, competitions or events organized by Luxottica, for example first name and surname, e-mail address, user ID, access code, gender, country of residence, postal address and phone number;
  • financial information and data relating to your credit card for purchasing products from the website;
  • information from correspondence or requests that you have sent to Luxottica, or which Luxottica has requested following reports of problems with our service on the website or purchased products;
  • information regarding your profile on social media, if this is public, or if you have chosen to log into the website via social media or linked your Luxottica account to your public profiles on social media and share your actions on the website on these channels using the corresponding plug-ins (e.g. Facebook Connect, Likes, FB sharing, etc.). If you choose to share this information, personal data which is published on your social media profile will be collected by the website and processed for the corresponding functions. This means that the use of the above-mentioned plug-ins implies a sharing of the corresponding actions and information on related social media.

b) Personal data obtained from automatic tracking systems when you visit the website and use services on the website.

Luxottica processes the following categories of personal data collected via automatic tracking systems when you visit the website and use services on the website:

  • Information relating to your use of the website. For security reasons, Luxottica processes log files for every session when the user logs into their account, and information on payment transactions which must be processed through Luxottica's e-payments provider;
  • browsing information when you navigate around the website. Luxottica uses a number of technologies (e.g. cookies and automatic tracking systems) that automatically collect certain types of information relating to the way in which the user uses the website, including the IP address or other unique codes for the device (computer, mobile or other device) that the user is using to visit the website, identification as a registered or non-registered user, technical data which may include the URL address that a user has come from, browser information and language. This information helps us to continuously improve the browsing experience and purchasing procedure for Luxottica products and services and to monitor operation of the website. This information only includes statistical data relating to the user's actions and is not intended to be used to link to the user's identifying information. Browsing data can only be used to identify you when it is matched to your identifying personal data.

For more information on the use of personal data collected via cookies and tracking systems, we encourage you to carefully read Luxottica's cookie policy, which can be found here

Luxottica processes your personal data for the following purposes:

3.1 Contractual purposes – To allow us to deliver products and services to you
Luxottica processes your personal data for the purposes that are necessary to provide the products and services that are sold via the website, specifically for the following contractual purposes:

  • To make it possible for you to register on the website and create your own account;
  • to provide services that are available via the website (e.g. administration of the registration process and access to the account, account management, reminders about products in the shopping cart, etc.)
  • to administer the sale of products and online orders and provide products and services;for at administrere salg af produkter samt online bestillinger og levere produkter og tjenester;
  • to process physical and digital payments, including with a view to invoicing obligations;
  • to provide sales and after-sales services (for example, fraud prevention, returns, warranty and customer support), including sending operational information to users independently of the product or service, sales and after-sales services;
  • to respond to user requests (e.g. management of requests for information, booking of a sight test, making the "share with a friend" function available, sending messages to you with the "back in stock" feature, etc.)
  • to give you the opportunity to participate in Luxottica's initiatives;
  • to give you the opportunity to take part in competitions and initiatives supported by Luxottica.

Processing of data for contractual purposes is necessary to allow the required products and services to be provided. If you do not want your personal data to be used for these purposes, Luxottica will not be able to provide you with the required products and services.

3.2 Legal purposes – We must ensure that we comply with our legal obligations
Luxottica can process your personal data to ensure that we comply with our legal obligations, especially in relation to the following legal purposes:

  • To comply with legal requirements, rules, protocols as well as national and EU legislation;
  • to implement decisions made by public authorities.

Processing of data for legal purposes is necessary as it is required by the applicable legislation. If you do not want your personal data to be processed for these purposes, then you cannot use the website.

3.3 Marketing purposes – You can accept or refuse to allow us to use your personal data for marketing-related activities
Luxottica processes your personal data with your prior consent for the following marketing purposes [with the exception of prescription information]:

  • To send commercial and promotional information and ongoing updates (e.g. via e-mail, phone, sms/mms, post, social media and newsletter) relating to Luxottica's products, services, initiatives and events. If you are an existing Luxottica customer, Luxottica can also, in accordance with the article 130, subsection 4 of the legislative decree, send commercial information via e-mail about products, events and services similar to those already provided to you, unless you object to such processing at the time of collection and upon receipt of each communication. You can refuse processing at any time by following the instructions in the individual messages;
  • to perform statistical analyses of the customer target group.

The processing of data for marketing purposes is discretionary, subject to your prior consent or your refusal under the circumstances mentioned in the above article 130, subsection 4 of the legislative decree. You are free not to provide personal data for marketing purposes, and you are also entitled to later withdraw the consent to process your personal data that you have given previously. In this case, Luxottica will no longer send you marketing communications or inform you of offers and campaigns relating to Luxottica's products, services and initiatives.

3.4 Segmentation and profiling purposes – If you wish, you can choose for marketing communications to be more closely adapted to your personal preferences
If you have given your consent for your personal data to be processed for marketing purposes, Luxottica can process your personal data for segmentation purposes to analyze your personal data as concerns purchase consumption, product categories, date of birth and purchase method in connection with marketing-related activities. This activity performed by Luxottica is based on Luxottica's legitimate interest in providing a service which meets your needs whilst also respecting your rights, as concerns the limited amount of personal data processed. Processing of personal data for segmentation purposes is covered on the grounds of legitimate interest, which we refer to in the following section.

If you have given your consent for cookies and other technologies to be installed via the banner on our website, in addition to the above, Luxottica will process your personal data for profiling purposes with a view to analyzing your interests and preferences, including browser data with specific reference to the pages you have visited, and the products you have viewed on the website, with a view to offering personalized services and sending targeted marketing communications based on this. This activity performed by Luxottica is based on Luxottica's legitimate interest in providing a service which meets your needs whilst also respecting your rights, as concerns the consent you have given via the cookie banner and in accordance with our cookie policy. This activity will help Luxottica to present you with more offers based on your profile. This legitimate interest is required by Luxottica to optimize its marketing communications, combined with the need to provide information that we consider to be relevant to you.

3.5 Purposes with legitimate interest – Your rights and Luxottica's rights are appropriately balanced unless you opt out
In addition to processing your personal data for segmentation and profiling purposes, Luxottica also processes your personal data for other purposes with legitimate interest, including:

  • to assert a legal claim or defend a legal claim in legal proceedings or in administrative or extrajudicial proceedings regarding the rights of Luxottica and its companies and/or representatives, shareholders, employees and directors;
  • to enable the technical management of the website and features of the website, including the resolution of technical issues, in order to carry out tests, updates and upgrades that cannot be carried out with non-personal data;
  • to prevent or identify fraudulent activities or misuse of the website or targeting the Luxottica group and/or users of the website;
  • to complete potential mergers, sales of shares, transfer of all or a significant part of its business or a financial transaction, by passing on or transferring the personal data to a third party or parties involved in the transaction as part of the transaction;
  • to undertake surveys, including market research, in relation to Luxottica's products and services via post, phone or e-mail; to anonymize personal data in order to carry out statistical analyses.

Processing of your personal data in connection with the above-stated purposes with legitimate interest and segmentation purposes takes place in accordance with article 6, point f) of the GDPR to exercise Luxottica's legitimate interest, which is suitably balanced with your interest, in that the data processing only takes place for the purpose of carrying out such economic activities when this is strictly necessary. Such processing of data is not compulsory, and you can therefore object to the data processing in question at any time using the procedures that are outlined in this data protection policy. In this case, data will not be processed by Luxottica for this purpose, unless Luxottica demonstrates the existence of compelling legitimate grounds or to exercise Luxottica's rights in connection with article 21 of the GDPR.

The electronic and manual processing of your personal data takes place exclusively within the limits necessary to fulfill the above purposes.

Luxottica undertakes to protect users' personal data. Luxottica recommends that, among other measures, a password is used to protect the account. Users are therefore encouraged to use a password that is sufficiently secure and to store it somewhere secure on their own PC and browsers where access to it is limited, and to log out again after visiting the website. All personal data relating to users is stored on secure servers with appropriate security measures to protect personal data from any unauthorized access which will ensure the accuracy of the personal data and guarantee proper use of the data. Furthermore, a secure system is used to approve credit card payments and identify fraudulent actions. Luxottica uses standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect your personal data.

Luxottica can disclose your personal data to:

  • third-party service providers who are responsible for data processing activities and provide services or assistance and advice to Luxottica, including but not limited to: technology, accounting, administration, law, insurance, IT, marketing, data analysis;
  • companies in the Luxottica group;
  • persons and authorities who are authorized by law, rules or regulations issued by legally authorized authorities to access your personal data;
  • a potential buyer of Luxottica and their companies, in connection with a merger or transformation that involves Luxottica;
  • and competent authorities.

The above receivers will process your personal data as data controllers, data processors or persons with responsibility for data processing, depending on the circumstances.

It is possible to request a copy of a complete list of data processors via the procedures that are outlined in this data protection policy.

Luxottica is permitted to transfer your personal data to the above-stated receivers, including receivers outside of the EU and specifically receivers in the USA. For transfers from the EU to countries that are considered by the European Commission to have an insufficient degree of protection, the company has taken the necessary and appropriate precautions to protect personal data. Personal data is thus transferred in accordance with the requirements and obligations of applicable data protection legislation pursuant to Article 44 et seq of the GDPR. For more information on the necessary and appropriate security measures and means, and the procedure the user may follow to obtain a copy of these, the user can contact Luxottica through the channels described in this data protection policy.


Luxottica stores personal data for as long as is strictly necessary for the purposes for which the persona data was collected and then processed, including any retention period required by applicable law.

Luxottica will process your personal data for contractual purposes or on grounds of legitimate interest during the term of the contract (in the case of an account created on the website or a purchase or in relation to services provided by Luxottica) and for 10 years from the completion of the purchase or the service provision.

Personal data stored for legal purposes will be retained for as long as is strictly necessary to comply with the applicable law.

Personal data for marketing and profiling purposes, including segmentation purposes, will be processed for seven years after the last purchase and/or last contact with you (e.g. registration for a competition, participation in an event, opening of a newsletter), without prejudice to your right to withdraw your consent at any time or object to the processing of your personal data.

The processing of personal data highlighted in this policy does not include minors under the age of 16.

If personal data about minors is inadvertently recorded, Luxottica will ensure this is deleted swiftly at the user's request. 

You are entitled to exercise the following rights at any time:

  1. a) Obtain confirmation from Luxottica regarding the existence of personal data and be informed of the content and source, verify its accuracy and request its integration, update or modification;
  2. b) request the deletion, anonymization or restriction of the processing of personal data, if this is done in breach of applicable legislation;
  3. c) object, in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data, based on legal considerations;
  4. d) withdraw consent to the processing of data (if and to the extent that such consent is necessary);
  5. e) ask Luxottica to limit the processing of your personal data, where:
  • you dispute the accuracy of the personal data, until such time as Luxottica has taken sufficient steps to correct and verify its accuracy;
  • the processing is unlawful, but you do not want us to delete your personal data;
  • Luxottica no longer needs to use your personal data for processing purposes, but you need to use it to establish, exercise or defend legal claims; or
  • you have objected to the processing based on legitimate interests and await confirmation as to whether Luxottica has compelling legitimate grounds for continued processing;

f) object to the processing of your personal data in the case of processing based on legitimate interests, unless Luxottica demonstrates the existence of compelling legitimate grounds for the processing or for the purpose of establishing, exercising or defending legal claims;

g) request the deletion of your personal data without undue delay;

h) receive an electronic copy of your personal data if you wish to transfer your personal data to yourself or another provider, when Luxottica is dependent on your consent or the fact that the processing is necessary to be able to provide the services and the personal data is processed automatically; and

i) file a complaint with the relevant data protection supervisory authority.

Pursuant to Article 2l of the legislative decree, the above-stated rights can be exercised by another duly entitled person ("successor") who has their own interests or is acting as a user's representative, or if there are family circumstances that must be protected. The user can expressly circumvent the exercising by a successor of any of the above-stated rights by sending a request to the email address below. The user may withdraw or alter any such request at any time under the same conditions.

You can exercise the above-stated rights at any time by clicking here. Luxottica will respond within a reasonable period of time (and, in all cases, within the time limit set by the applicable legislation) after confirming the user's identity.

Luxottica also provides the user with tools to update and change their personal data. All registered users can update their data at any time (e.g. via their user accounts). Users can also change or update their preferences on how they wish to receive e-mails and other information from Luxottica. The user is entitled to request that information on their account be deleted.

The data controller responsible for processing your personal data is Luxottica Group S.p.A., and its headquarters are at Piazzale Luigi Cadorna, 3, 20123 Milan, Italy.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this data protection policy or the data processing carried out by Luxottica, you can contact Luxottica by clicking the link in the previous section.

Luxottica has appointed a data protection officer in accordance with article 37 of the GDPR, who can be contacted at the following e-mail address: or at Luxottica's postal address, which can be found under "HOW TO CONTACT LUXOTTICA" in this data protection policy

This data protection policy is continuously changed for legal or organizational reasons. We therefore recommend that you frequently check for the latest version of this data protection policy. In any case, you will be informed of changes in advance, and an updated version of the data protection policy will be available on the website at all times.

13.Use of information capsules 

13.1 What are cookies?  
A cookie is a small text file that is usually formed of letters and numbers, which is transferred and stored for a period of time determined by the provider on the device used by the user (a computer or any mobile device) when the user accesses the website. For example, certain cookies uniquely identify one device so that it can be differentiated from other devices.

Please be aware that other similar technologies used to collect information about the device you use, such as pixel tags, web beacons or social network plugins also fall under the category of "cookies".

13.2 Why we use cookies
These cookies are necessary to ensure the website functions correctly, and provides the user with a good search experience, for example, when moving from one page of the website to another whilst providing the services offered (for example, purchase of and payment for glasses). Other cookies are required to make your search quicker and easier, for example, to remember login details or the content of the shopping cart, or to adapt searches to the user's preferences or characteristics, insofar as this is possible. In addition, certain cookies are used to submit information to the provider of the website, which can be used for statistical purposes, for example by seeing how many users are logged in, as well as to send tailored campaign messages or to ensure a direct link to the social networks.

13.3 What data do the cookies contain?
The data collected by cookies is generally related to the user's device, such as the IP address, login data, operating system and platform, setting for the time zone, country of origin, information regarding visits to the website, including the URL, time spent on the website, search words that are typed into the website, products that are viewed or placed in the shopping cart, website response times, download errors and data on page interaction, such as the number of clicks or search patterns.

Generally, this data is not enough to personally identify the user, but it could be, if all this data is read in conjunction, or combined with additional data collected by Luxottica or a third party.

We have encoded and differentiated cookies in relation to how long they are stored on the user's device, the party that installs and administers them and, not least, the purpose for which they are installed.
a) Terms
Session cookies are defined as cookies that are installed when the website is opened. They are then deleted when the browser is closed, when the website is closed, or when the session expires. The data is therefore only stored temporarily, ensuring that the ability to navigate the website is retained, for example.
Permanent cookies are cookies that are stored on the user's device for a period determined by the provider, even after the browser is closed. Amongst other features, this allows the user's name and password or preferences to be remembered so that the user does not have to enter them again the next time the website is opened.

) Who installs cookies?
First-party cookies are those installed and controlled directly by Luxottica. Conversely, third-party cookies are installed by an operator via a domain other than the website where the user is browsing, and these are not controlled directly by Luxottica. This is the case, for example, with the statistical analysis cookies from Google Analytics, or when the website integrates elements from advertising platforms or other services. The installation of third-party cookies therefore requires prior approval from Luxottica.

c) The purpose of cookies which are used by Luxottica on this website
- Strictly necessary (or technical) cookies:
these ensure that the both website and the services provided on it can be used correctly. They make it possible, for example, to recognize the country where the user is visiting from, and remembers the selections made via the banners which contain the short privacy policy (consenting to the use of cookies), so that the user does not have to make the selections every time the website is opened in order to purchase a product. This improves the user experience by storing login data or products preselected in the shopping cart.

They are used exclusively to ensure the basic function of the website, therefore prior consent from the user is not required before they are installed. The user can change the settings in their browser to block these cookies. However, this may prevent some parts of the website, or the website as a whole, from functioning. 

- Analytical cookies: some are installed and controlled directly by Luxottica, and are used to analyze how the website is being used (number of visits, traffic sources, viewed pages), so that the operator can make changes and improve the website. They can obtain data anonymously, but only for statistical purposes.

Other analytical cookies can be installed by third parties to track the user's activity on the website, so that useful data can be collected for Luxottica.

To help the user make a better-informed decision regarding consent to the collection of such cookies, we recommend that you read Google's privacy policies ( or go to:

- Marketing and profiling cookies: these track a user's browsing activity on the website, so that personalized content can be created on the website, so that user can be shown products that may interest them, or which are similar to the products the user has already viewed, and can be sent advertising messages which match the user's preferences: refusing or withdrawing consent will not affect the ability to access or search the website. Other analytical cookies can be installed by third parties to track the user's activity on the website, so that useful data can be collected for Luxottica.

To help the user make a better-informed decision regarding consent to the collection of such cookies, we recommend that you read Google's privacy policies relating to Google Adsense ( or go to

- Cookies on social networks: these cookies give the user the option to use the various functions on the social networks thanks to the use of plugins which are integrated into our website, which allow a direct connection to the server of the selected social network. These plugins are controlled by a third party. These cookies are not necessary for browsing. For information on the use of cookies from the social networks and to provide informed consent, we recommend that you read the respective privacy policies on the social networks:

13.4 A brief guide to controlling cookies: how to install and delete them
Strictly necessary cookies, which allow the basic functions of the website, are installed automatically when the website is opened, without requiring any consent. For other categories of cookies, where it may or may not be necessary to give consent, the user will see a cookie banner (privacy preferences), when the user opens the website for the first time. This cookie banner contains a short privacy policy and a link to the cookie policy. If the user has already given their preferences via the cookie banner, the cookie banner will no longer be shown automatically, provided that the user visits the website again within the next six months. However, the user can view and change their preferences at any time via the privacy center.

But, if consent has already been given for the use of cookies, to delete any cookies installed before consent was withdrawn, the user must delete these via the settings for their browser. Below are instructions on how to change the cookies settings in the most commonly used browsers:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Internet Explorer

The user can also indicate their preferences regarding the installation of cookies via

The list of cookies and similar technologies that are used on the website can be found here

13.5 Who has access to the data that is collected via cookies?

With regard to the cookies installed by Luxottica, only Luxottica employees who are responsible for, trained for and instructed in carrying out these tasks are able to access the data collected via cookies. With regard to third-party cookies, data is collected to be used by Luxottica and by external parties who are contractually linked to Luxottica. For further information regarding the processing of personal data and our cooperation with third parties, please refer to this privacy policy.

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