Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This policy illustrates how Luxottica Group S.p.A, through and together with its Affiliates, (hereinafter “Luxottica”) in their quality of Data Controllers, with registered office in Milan, Piazzale Luigi Cadorna No. 3, process your personal data.


Luxottica processes the following categories of personal data collected through the automatic tracking systems when you browse the website and use its services: 

  • Information relating to your usage of the website;
  • Navigation information collected when you surf the website. Luxottica uses some technologies (e.g. cookies and automatic tracking systems) that automatically collect certain items of information relating to the way in which the user utilizes the website such as the IP address or other unique code of the device (computer, mobile or other devices) employed by the user to browse the website, technical information that may include the URL from where a user originates, browser information, language (“Browsing Data”). This information helps us to continuously improve the browsing experience and the mechanisms for displaying Luxottica products and services, and to monitor the correct operations of the website. This information only includes statistical data relating to the actions performed by the user and is not intended to be associated with the user’s identifying data. Generally, this information is not sufficient to identify the user personally, but it could be if it is read in combination with each other or with additional information collected by Luxottica or a third party.


Luxottica processes your Browsing Data with specific reference to pages consulted and products viewed on the website to analyze your interests and preferences. This activity will help Luxottica to provide you with offers more in line with your interests.

Luxottica also processes your Personal Data for additional purposes and, in particular:

  • To enable the technical management of the website and its operational functions, including solving any technical problems, to perform tests and updates and upgrades;
  • To prevent or identify fraudulent activities or misuses of the website or against the Luxottica group and/or the users of the website.


The processing of your Browsing Data is carried out, electronically and manually, only within the limits necessary to pursue the purposes outlined above. Browsing Data will be stored for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which Browsing Data were collected and further processed, including any retention period required under the applicable legislation.


For more information about how Luxottica processes your Browsing Data you can contact the following email address: