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This domain was seized for the sale of counterfeit Ray-Ban products. Control of this domain has been transferred to Luxottica USA LLC (“Luxottica”), the exclusive wholesale distributor of genuine Ray-Ban products in the United States and which has the exclusive right to enforce the Ray-Ban trademarks in the United States, pursuant to a court order.

Luxottica took this action to protect the Ray-Ban brand and the consumer from unknowingly purchasing counterfeit products. The counterfeit websites seized as a result of the court order are not affiliated with the genuine Ray-Ban brand or Luxottica.

To purchase genuine Ray-Ban products, please

visit ray-ban.com >

Attention defendants and counterfeiters

The owner of this website domain have been charged with violating Federal and state laws trademark infringment and counterfeiting. A copy of the complaint and other legal documents can be obtained from our attorneys at Greer, Burns & Crain, Ltd., 300 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois, 60606, or on the website link below. If no appearance or pleading is filed, the Court may render a judgement against the defendents.

read more at GBC law >


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