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Be a part of the Ray-Ban family. Hashtag #AviatorFamily to show off your best pictures wearing the Aviator.

  • A diver once submerged his Aviator Full Colors deep in the ocean to ensure no one else could steal them. He was promptly greeted by sharks. // #AviatorFamily
    If you put two people wearing Aviator Lite Force sunglasses in a pitch black room, they will automatically find one another. And definitely kiss. // #AviatorFamily
    A naughty female train conductor convinced Santa Claus to fill her Christmas stocking with Aviator Carbons instead of coal. We won’t say how. // #AviatorFamily
    A stunt pilot spilled his coffee mid-air, causing him to accidentally do two barrel rolls and drop his beloved Aviator Crafts out the window. // #AviatorFamily
    In a blind test, most subjects preferred the Aviator Legend to being shocked in the brain repeatedly with electrodes. // #AviatorFamily
    There exists a parallel universe planet called htrae, which is identical to earth, except they don’t have Aviator Classics. It is a horrible, horrible place. // #AviatorFamily
    The Aviator Shooter was created as a gift to Motogon, a transforming robot that threatened to destroy the world with plasma cannons. It worked. // #AviatorFamily
    One crazy pigeon in North London has been accredited with stealing over 100 pairs of Aviators and stowing them in the clock tower at Big Ben. // #AviatorFamily
    A famous rock star who wouldn’t let us use his or her name may or may not have asked us to create the Classic Aviators with Flash lenses. Maybe. // #AviatorFamily
  • A double agent turned world-renowned baker was the original inspiration for the Aviator Shooter. But don’t tell anyone or we’ll have to... you know. // #AviatorFamily
    The Aviator Craft was inspired by Rock & Roll’s unsung motto that 'you can never have too much leather'. // #AviatorFamily
    In 1934, the Air Force received a phone call from aliens leading to scientific breakthroughs including the invention of the Aviator Classic. // #AviatorFamily
    The Aviator Titaniums were secretly designed to be worn exclusively by superheroes, before we realized they didn't actually exist. // #AviatorFamily
    Like the inventors of downhill shopping cart racing can attest, you can be tough, yet still look sharp in a jumpsuit. // #AviatorFamily
    Pilots, once known for their promiscuity, asked for Aviators they could fold up and hide in their pockets while enjoying themselves off duty. // #AviatorFamily
    An ex-road-racing billionaire melted down thousands of vintage muscle cars to create the metal found in every Road Spirit Aviator. // #AviatorFamily
    Originally created for vampires, the Lite Force Aviator is ideal for action enthusiasts or monsters who occasionally transform into bats. // #AviatorFamily
    Legend has it that ghosts asked for Mirror Aviators to celebrate their love for scaring people in mirrors at their 50th annual Haunt. // #AviatorFamily
  • Like candy toppings on a yummy scoop of vanilla ice cream, the Gradient Aviators proved that a good thing can always get more good. // #AviatorFamily
    The Outdoorsman I was created as a sacrifice to the God of Nature. He was so moved by the gift, he cried (which sadly caused massive floods). // #AviatorFamily
    The Shooter took learnings from video games to prove that you don’t have to be born cool to be cool. // #AviatorFamily
    A secret society of wives created the Outdoorsman II as part of an ingenious plot to lure their husbands away from their sports shows. // #AviatorFamily
    A famous bachelor proposed to his girlfriend with a pair of Aviator Titaniums. She threw them back at him. He put them on and lived happily ever after. // #AviatorFamily