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  • Oh dear, it seems as though things out of order here at The Order. Let's try this again, shall we?

As a treasured member of The Order, I hereby proclaim

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my intent to reenter by offering

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Relax Never Hidden one, a new password is on thee way.

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The contest may have ended, but the Order lives on forever.
Continue to have thy fun and check back soon for new updates.

Prize and Rules

Win thyself a fancy 4-star trip to London for the first non-secretive secretive underground meeting of The Order of Never Hide.

For rising up to the level of Paragon, celebrated members of The Order will win the noble prize of one fancy trip for 2 to an exclusive The Order of Never Hide event in London. Upon the official date of October 25, 2014, these heroic members will be celebrated as the first official modern members of The Order. As a reward for their commitment, the members shall travel in business class to London to reside within a 4-star hotel with free meals and sleeping quarters. The winners and the guests of their choice will need to have all relevant documents required to travel to London in due order. May the best members win.

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