3025K 160/N5

Made of pure 18 karat gold

Exclusive limited edition: 1200 models produced worldwide

Each piece has its unique number inside of the temple

Inside the left temple, a special hallmark is engraved

The bridge also has the hallmark + unique number

P3Plus lenses for more clarity and brighter vision.

Advanced polarized lens technology

Building on the legend of its legacy, the Solid Gold celebrates the iconicity of the Aviator

Store Locator

I [[state your name]] hereby bequeath my Ray-Bans to [[state his/her name]].

I do this because I believe that such a kind gesture will unlock the gates of heaven, and beautiful harp players will feed me grapes and serenade me for eternity.

You have been a loyal [[state relationship to you]] as you proved to me when we were [[state activity]].

Also, if for whatever reason I’m not sent to Heaven but instead to [[state location]] then this deal is off and I’m taking the Ray-Bans with me.

Endorsed by Ronny