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Register online, submit your best music and you may be called upon to perform live with some of the best musicians in India. Bands will be selected by Jury, Sony Music Entertainment editors and Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds seeks passionate musicians in the following genres:

  • » Rock with Uday Benegal
  • » Pop with Shaa’ir + Func
  • » Metal with Vinay Venkatesh
  • » Blues with Rudy Wallang and Tipriti (Soulmate)
  • » Sufi with Harshdeep Kaur
  • » Fusion with Rahul Ram
  • » Folk Rock with Raghu Dixit

Seven selected bands will be mentored by music maestros of the respective genres in Never Hide Sounds Studio. Stay at Never Hide Sounds Studio – Amp up, Zone in, Listen, Learn and Enjoy! Thrive your music. You get to interact with the mentor, improve skills & build stage persona with stylist sessions.

You will then share stage together with your mentor for live performances all across India. What more, the mentors will collaborate with you on an original composition.

Keeping in mind the passion for music and the NEVER HIDE attitude of the campaign, Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds 2014 invites all the passionate musicians who believe that music is their true calling, to come forth and showcase their talent.


15th September / 27th October
Bands Selection
End October
By 3rd November
NHS Studio Session
10th to 13th November