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Rectangular Shape

Bold, fun, and unforgettable, Ray-Ban Rectangle glasses are available in many statement-making colors and stunning rectangular glasses styles.


Ray-Ban RB8901 Black
Ray-Ban RB8415 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8412 Black
Ray-Ban RB8413 Black
Ray-Ban RB6286 Black
Ray-Ban RB7049 Black
Ray-Ban RB7048 Black
Ray-Ban RB8411 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB7035 Black
Ray-Ban RB7031 Tortoise
Ray-Ban RB7050 Black
Ray-Ban RB8724 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8632 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8720 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8694 Silver
Ray-Ban RB8703 Silver
Ray-Ban RB8712 Black
Ray-Ban RB8680 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8902 Blue
Ray-Ban RB8714 Brown
Ray-Ban RB8693 Pink
Ray-Ban RB8404 Black
Ray-Ban RB8704 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8706 Black
Ray-Ban RB7019 Grey
Ray-Ban RB7038 Black
Ray-Ban RB8721 Grey
Ray-Ban RB7024 Black
Ray-Ban RB7039 Black
Ray-Ban RB7037 Black


Ray-Ban RB5206 Black
Ray-Ban RB5169 Grey
Ray-Ban RB5150 Black
Ray-Ban RB5268 Black
Ray-Ban RB5298 Tortoise
Ray-Ban RB5245 Black
Ray-Ban RB7084 Black
Ray-Ban RB5187 Black
Ray-Ban RB5114 Black
Ray-Ban RB6337M Blue
Ray-Ban RB5246 Black
Ray-Ban RB7014 Tortoise
Ray-Ban RB5144 Black
Ray-Ban RB6361 Black
Ray-Ban SHIRLEY Black
Ray-Ban RB6253 Black
Ray-Ban RB6290 Black
Ray-Ban RB5256 Purple-Reddish
Ray-Ban RB6291 Black
Ray-Ban RB7030 Tortoise
Ray-Ban MATTHEW Black


Ray-Ban RB7047 Green
Ray-Ban RB7017 Black
Ray-Ban RB5277 Black
Ray-Ban RB6335 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB7062 Black
Ray-Ban RB6285 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB7056 Blue
Ray-Ban RB7063 Grey
Ray-Ban RB7023 Tortoise
Ray-Ban RB6333 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6331 Black
Ray-Ban RB6332 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8951 Tortoise
Ray-Ban RB7055 Black
Ray-Ban RB6318 Black
Ray-Ban RB6334 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB6275 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB8952 Black
Ray-Ban RB6212 Black
Ray-Ban RB6236 Black
Ray-Ban RB6263 Black
Ray-Ban RB6370 Black

Junior Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RB1531 Black
Ray-Ban RB1535 Black
Ray-Ban RB1530 Black
Ray-Ban RB1544 Black
Ray-Ban RB1546 Grey
Ray-Ban RB1541 Black
Ray-Ban RB1043 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB1527 Black
Ray-Ban RB1533 Red
Ray-Ban RB1534 Blue
Ray-Ban RB1034 Black
Ray-Ban RB1033 Black
Ray-Ban RB1035 Gunmetal
Ray-Ban RB1030 Silver


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