Act 1 - Open your heart Act 1


A smart person once said “eyes are the window to your soul”, and it turns out they might actually have been right.

Studies have shown that looking into someone's eyes for just 4 minutes can create a deeply emotional and meaningful connection, even between complete strangers. We found 10 people from different backgrounds and brought them together to see if they could open their hearts to each other and share stories that have defined who they are today.



Boxing has kept Mustafa off the streets and out of trouble over the years. To pay tribute, he founded a boxing program giving disadvantaged youth a safe place to transform their problems into a passion.


Victoria is a small town farm girl who had a difficult start in life. Now living in NYC, Victoria works as a fire dancer - a passion that she discovered at Burning Man festival. She aspires to return to school and help others.

"I'd like to know that everyone was going to be ok, that everything will all work out, in one way or another."



Years of uninspiring office work pushed Lorelei into a period of deep soul-searching, which helped her discover her calling as a full-time life model.


Myles grew up in the rural setting of Vermont. Now as young adult he lives in the city, seeking bigger things and finding his feet as a male model.

"My most treasured memory so far would be the day I met my girlfriend."



Born and raised with a traditional upbringing in New York City, Walter is a NYC paramedic who heroically joined a group of who flew to Haiti on a life saving mission, days after the devastating earthquake.


After a challenging childhood, Daniella chose to embrace her transgender identity, and now proudly shares her experiences and is empowering others at public speaking events.

"..It was that moment I guess when I finally got the dress on, I had the wig on. I had no clue what I was doing with the makeup but it was the first time I finally felt like I was being myself."

Eye to Eye Conclusion

Finding the courage to open your heart isn’t easy. It exposes the way you really feel, how you think and leaves you open to the opinions of others. It makes you vulnerable.

Often what you might think makes you weak, really makes you strong. Your experiences, and opinions are the very things that make you, you.

Sharing yourself with others is one of the most powerful things you can do. But you have to be willing to back yourself and trust the way you feel.

#ITTAKESCOURAGE but it's worth it. Give it a try, Open your heart

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